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Dear Sakae OKUBO,

A good initiative!
I corrected a mistake with the title of H.323 Annex G, and added a few
The document with proposed changemarks is included.


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Dear Glen,

>SG9 is working some cable TV issues, and part of their focus seems to be
>to support telephony and general network services over the cable
>infrastructure. At the May SG9 meeting, they will be reviewing
>contributions related to signaling for IP telephony and I believe the
>work we've done in Q.13 and Q.14 is relevant.
>I've attached a draft liaison describing some of our work (with Dale's
>help). Do you think we should review this at the Osaka meeting, which
>happens to be the same week SG9 meets? I plan to send this off to Mr.
>Bigi in the next day or so.

This document has been given APC-1812 and is available at:


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