H.323-SIP Appendix of H.246 (Previously Annex O)

Orit Levin orit at radvision.com
Wed May 31 10:29:27 EDT 2000

Good morning! A small clarification.
SG16 proposed to organized H.323-SIP work as an APPENDIX (i.e. "informative"document) of H.246. H.246 is an umbrella for many signaling gateways (such as H.320, ISUP, Mobile Networks, etc.). This Appendix will happen only if contributions on H.323-SIP will be brought to SG16. It was also noticed, that it is preferable to have architectural proposals, defining preferred mode of operation, capabilities, versions, etc., rather then containing detailed messages flows. Just a reminder, in ITU everything is driven by contributions only.

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