[H.323 Mobility:] Status check & practical things

Jaakko Sundquist jaakko.sundquist at NOKIA.COM
Fri May 26 07:10:03 EDT 2000

Hi folks,

In this mail, I will try to summarize the current status of H.323 Annex H
work as well as introduce some practical issues concerning our work before
the Portland meeting.

The Annex H draft outcome from the Osaka meeting can be seen in document
TD-47. Also TD-28, which contains the explanation of the scopes of the three
mobility related annexes as well as TD-56, which contains the meeting
minutes of the ad hoc group meetings in Osaka are relevant to the Annex H

I will produce a new draft of Annex H hopefully in a few days, containing
most of the contents of TD-28 in the Introduction chapter (chapter 2). After
this has been done, we can consider the document as the outcome of the Osaka
meeting and as a baseline to be addressed in the MTD contributions.

Work concerning the new service definitions chapter (chapter 5) was also
started in Osaka by Mr. Korpi and Mr. Reddy. The original idea was to
produce a TD in the Osaka meeting, but as time did not allow that, I
anticipate that Mr. Korpi and Mr. Reddy will produce an MTD in the near

The next issues I would like to focus on, are the rewriting of chapter 7
concerning the functional requirements as well as continuing the work on the
information flows and the associated message contents. My feeling is that
chapter 7 in its current form is actually quite poor and frankly quite
confusing and thus needs to be rewritten properly.

Then to the practical things concerning our work. As Mr. Paul Guram had to
withdraw from the position of the unofficial chairman of the ad hoc group,
it was decided that Mr. Korpi will take that position in the future meetings
and teleconferences. I think I can speak on behalf of the whole ad hoc group
when I thank Mr. Guram for doing such an excellent work as the chairman, you
have been a great help for us.

Because Mr. Korpi is travelling quite a lot, he did not feel that he should
be allocating the MTD numbers, so I volunteered to do that. Thus, if (and
hopefully when) you have a contribution for the interim work, please ask for
an MTD number from me.

I also propose that we will try to do more work by using the email reflector
and have teleconferences only a few times before the Portland meeting. This
is because my feeling is that we really have not had much success in
progressing the work in the teleconferences. We will also agree the dates
for the teleconferences in the reflector. I will also try to produce a new
draft of the Annex H approximately twice per month (my vacation time
excluded) so that you'll have something concrete to argue against or to
support. Anyway, contributions are always very welcome and if the
discussions in the reflector and teleconferences seem to be in agreement,
the contents of the contributions will be added to the draft as soon as

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