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Paul E. Jones paulej at CISCO.COM
Tue Mar 28 12:46:22 EST 2000


Paul Long and I have combined the H.323 information from our personal web
sites at a new domain, This not-for-profit site
is devoted to packet-switched conversational protocols, serving the
end-user, engineer, and executive, although the focus is on the engineer.
For obvious reasons (if you know anything at all about us), we will
initially have much more information on H.323, but we intend to gather
information on other protocols including SIP, MGCP, and H.248, if only as
links to other online resources.

Contributors Wanted

This is a cooperative effort. Besides announcing the site, this email
invites _your_ input. If you have any information regarding these or other
packet-switched conversational protocols that you can share and would be of
interest to others, please forward it to us so that we can make it public on
this web site. We will attribute the work to you unless you request us not
to. We provide the web space, bandwidth, organization, indexing, and focus;
you provide information that is in the public domain or whose copyright you
or your organization own and does not contain trade secrets. We don't want
to get sued; you don't want to get fired. :-) Your contribution can be as
simple as a single tip for solving a particularly nasty implementation issue
or clarification of some aspect of a standard or as involved as a complete
tutorial on a particular protocol. See the list below for ideas. Conversely,
if there is something that you would like to see, please let us know. Maybe
we can find someone to write something up or maybe we can maintain a "wish
list" on the site for future contributions.


Here is a list of the types of contributions for which we are looking. It is
likely that you already have things like this lying around somewhere that
you had to put together for your own use or use within your organization.
Let's share!

- Summary
- Primer
- Tutorial
- Implementation guide
- Implementation notes
- Cheat sheet
- Glossary
- Protocol comparisons
- Links to other online resources
- Description of how to participate, e.g., how to subscribe to the email
reflectors and location of reflector archives
- List of standards organization(s) working in an area, with contact and
membership info
- Diagrams
- Upcoming event sponsored by your company or institution, e.g., seminar or
panel discussion

Best Regards,
Paul E. Jones
Editor of the H.323 Recommendation

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