Availability of H.323 standard

Jae-Yong Lee jaylee at HEI.CO.KR
Sat Mar 25 02:01:10 EST 2000

Dear Bandow and all,

Check out http://www.itu.int/itudoc/itu-t/rec/h/index.html .
But you gotta be a member to download the documents.

Is there any other place to get those out there?


Jay Lee
Hyundai Electronics

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From: Wolfgang Bandow <wolfgang.bandow at DETEWE.DE>
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Subject: Availability of H.323 standard

> Hi all,
> can anyone tell me please, where to get the officially released version
> of H.323
> and the corresponding referenced documents, as H.225 etc.
> In addition i would like to know where to get the H.450.1 ...9 standards
> from.
> Unfortunately i did not find any reference to the actual documents on
> the ITU-homepage.
> I'm looking forward to your answer.
> Regards,
> Wolfgang Bandow    CT-B / Berlin

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