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Jaakko Sundquist jaakko.sundquist at NOKIA.COM
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Is it possible to send a draft agenda of today's conference call via email
now so that we can minimize our discussion on agenda?

I thought that you would send some emails so that we can streamline our
discussion without spending too much time on procedural issues right during
the conference call.

Best regards,
Radhika R. Roy
H.323 Ad Hoc Mobility Group
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> Subject:      [H.323Mobility:] Procedures & Current Status of the H.323
> Mobilit y Ad Hoc Group
> Hi all,
> We are going to have the first teleconference since the February meeting
> today and I thought it would be a good idea to go through the status of
> the
> mobility work as well as the procedures we have agreed to follow with this
> work. I know this is quite short notice for today's teleconference
> (especially for those in the west coast of the USA), but I wouldn't want
> to
> spend too much time on these issues in the teleconference, so I'm sending
> them by mail. Comment, if you wish!
> Status of the H.323 Mobility work:
> *       A sceleton for the H.323 Annex H has been agreed by the ad hoc
> group. This sceleton is by no means the final "table of contents" for the
> annex, but at least it gives guidelines for the future work as well as
> makes
> it easier for the contributors to point out the specific parts of the
> annex
> that they want to address in their contributions.
> *       H.246 Annex E was determined in the February meeting in Geneva.
> Still the annex is not quite ready and contributions will surely be
> welcome
> (I feel I can say this much on behalf of the editor of the annex, Mr.
> Reddy).
> Procedures to be followed by the ad hoc group members:
> *       We have chosen Mr. Paul Guram of Motorola as the unofficial
> moderator for the teleconferences between the Geneva and Osaka meetings.
> Mr
> Guram will assign the MD-numbers for the contributions to the
> teleconferences as well as act as the chairman during the conferences. We
> acknowledge the fact that neither the ad hoc group nor Mr. Guram as its
> unofficial moderator has any formal position inside ITU, but for the sake
> of
> progressing with the mobility work, the ad hoc group members (i.e. anyone
> who wishes to take part in the work) are encouraged to treat Mr. Guram as
> the chairman in the teleconferences.
> *       At some point, we decided to include a prefix "[H.323Mobility:]"
> in
> the beginning of the subject of each mail sent to the SG16 reflector
> concerning the mobility issues. I think this is a good practice and we
> should continue following it.
> *       We will agree on the issues to be discussed in each teleconference
> beforehand. These issues will be discussed first and if there is enough
> time
> for other issues (which in general, I really doubt), they will be bought
> up
> afterwards. I.e. the issue for today's teleconference was supposed to be
> the
> identification of Tiphon-style scenarios for H.323 Mobility work (and
> agreeing for them to be listed in the H.323 Annex H) as well as choosing
> one
> of these scenarios as the first one to be addressed. It seems, however,
> that
> only one contribution for today's teleconference is addressing these
> issues.
> Suggestion for the future work schedule:
> *       We will hopefully be able to agree on the scenarios today and
> choose
> the all-H.323 (or all-IP, whichever it will be called) as the first
> scenario
> to be addressed (this really has been the implicit first case so far
> anyway,
> but we probably need to formalize that).
> *       Two contributions dealing with the "Locating a Gatekeeper" -issues
> have been brought forward for today's teleconference. Since this issue was
> not in the agenda for today, we will need to come back to it later (for
> other companies to be able to contribute on this), although I presume we
> will have time to discuss about the contributions today. Thus, I would
> suggest that these information flows would be one of the issues for the
> next
> teleconference.
> *       Another issue I would suggest for the next teleconference is to
> identify first the typical composite network elements (i.e. "boxes"
> including a set of the functionalities defined in the H.323 Annex H
> architecture). By doing this we would find the most relevant interfaces to
> be addressed and standardized first (quite the same way as H.225.0 Annex G
> has defined some of the interfaces in the first version, but not all).
> I guess that is all for now. I'll try to send some comments for the Intel
> and AT&T contributions already before the teleconference if I have time,
> but
> you'll be hearing from me in the teleconference at the latest...
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