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Jaakko Sundquist jaakko.sundquist at NOKIA.COM
Thu Mar 23 07:38:22 EST 2000

Dear Mr Yamarthy,

Related work is underway in ETSI Project TIPHON and ITU-T SG12.
Measurements were made over VoIP connections at the recent SuperOp99 event
held jointly between TIPHON and IMTC.  Further tests are planned for October

An analysis was presented at the recent TIPHON meeting showing the
correlation between the actual subjective test results and various objective MOS
algorithms at present under study in SG12.  See Document 17TD135 presented
at the Sophia Antipol TIPHON Meeting March 2000.  This document is not
publicly available to not ETSI members but a good contact for this work would be
Harold Klaus, the author who is also the SG12 Q13 Rapporteur.

Harold.Klaus at Telekom.de


Mike Buckley
Editor Annex N H.323

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I have a small question.I am trying to implement an algorithm for
objective testing of voice quality.I need both the test and reference
files for the algorithm.My question is if we play
a pre -recorded message  between 2 H.323 end points(say
voxilla/netmeeting).Can we record the talk on the other machine.

The scenrio will be  transmitting the voice packets from one endpoint
to the other in an emulated environment.I want the other machine to
directly store the wav/au file.Is this possible....

I am asking this since i need both the audio files for objective testing.

Are there any endpoints(VOIP) which support this.May i know the
answer as soon as possible.


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