Mob ah hoc group meeting on 23 March

Jaakko Sundquist jaakko.sundquist at NOKIA.COM
Wed Mar 22 02:48:53 EST 2000

Hi all,

I have uploaded the three MDs to the pictel server in URL: . (Paul G. had
some difficulties with the uploading, so he asked me to do it.)

Jaakko Sundquist           *
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Subject:        Mob ah hoc group meeting on 23 March

Hi mob members

Please note that there is a  conf call for 23 March at 8 a.m. Pacific
Standard Time, 4 p.m. UK time.
Can Senthil Sengodan (Nokia) please arrange for the conference bridge and
supply details for the dialling number etc.

The agenda is as indicated before:

1.      Brief Introductions and agreement of agenda
2.      Mobility Scenarios for Annex H:

                        MD011 (Nokia)
                        MD012 (AT&T)
                        MD013 (Intel)

3.      Adoption of the first scenario to study (in its entirety)
4.      Issues related to the progress on Annex I, and H.246 Annex E
5.      Report back from other mobility groups (3GPP, 3G.IP, IMT2000, MWIF,
etc.). (this will be given by any participant who attends/has access to the
appropriate group, and information will be that relevant to our work)
6.      Any other business
7.      Agenda and date of next conference call

I will put the contributions MD011 (from Jaakko Sundquist), MD012 (from
Radhika Roy), and MD013 (from Vineet Kumar) onto the server tomorrow.


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