Annex L for MWI

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Tue Mar 21 01:50:01 EST 2000


The following is the conference call bridge details for the upcoming H.323
mobility ad-hoc group call. As has been done for the previous calls, the
conference bridge is hosted/sponsored by IMTC to help expedite the H.323
mobility work.

Date: March 23, 2000
Time: 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM (Pacific Standard Time (PST))

Conference call Bridge # +1 (916)-356-9200
Reservation Number = 1-297557
Passcode = 8291124

Note: Once you call into the conference call bridge number, first enter the
reservation number first digit and then wait for the voice prompt to enter
the passcode and then enter the complete passcode in order to join the
conference call.

- Senthil

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Subject: Mob ah hoc group meeting on 23 March

Hi mob members

Please note that there is a  conf call for 23 March at 8 a.m. Pacific
Standard Time, 4 p.m. UK time.
Can Senthil Sengodan (Nokia) please arrange for the conference bridge and
supply details for the dialling number etc.

The agenda is as indicated before:

1.      Brief Introductions and agreement of agenda
2.      Mobility Scenarios for Annex H:

                        MD011 (Nokia)
                        MD012 (AT&T)
                        MD013 (Intel)

3.      Adoption of the first scenario to study (in its entirety)
4.      Issues related to the progress on Annex I, and H.246 Annex E
5.      Report back from other mobility groups (3GPP, 3G.IP, IMT2000, MWIF,
etc.). (this will be given by any participant who attends/has access to the
appropriate group, and information will be that relevant to our work)
6.      Any other business
7.      Agenda and date of next conference call

I will put the contributions MD011 (from Jaakko Sundquist), MD012 (from
Radhika Roy), and MD013 (from Vineet Kumar) onto the server tomorrow.


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