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Sun Mar 19 08:49:12 EST 2000

Hi folks,
Please forgive my ignorance in case this is already a done deal, but does
anybody know where we are standing in regard to MWI ?

Two aspects seem to be of interest:
1. (to the GK ) -
A method for a Voice Messaging System to signal the GK that a certain
subscriber has a new message.

2. (to the terminal) -
A method for the GK or the VMS itself to signal the terminal that the
subscriber associated with it has a new message

Do we have any means in general for signalling call-unrelated information
(other than RAS) , that should be used for this purpose? e.g. is Annex K
(HTTP) a suitable candidate ?
Is H.450 suitable for call unrelated information ?
Is anyone aware of similar work done e.g. in SIP which we may reuse or
consider to avoid interworking problems ahead of time ?

Best regards,
-- Boaz

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