SIP-H.323 Interworking Call Scenarios

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I feel encouraged to explore these basic features proposed by you for
H.323-SIP interworking. I would suggest other members to provide their
comments as well.

Best regards,
Radhika R. Roy
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> Subject:	SIP-H.323 Interworking Call Scenarios
> Hi All,
> There was a continuous discussion on the different configuration for the
> SIP - H.323 interworking.
> In our opinion, it would be better if some basic features (like Call
> Transfer, Call Hold and Call forwarding) is also added as part of the
> discussion.
> We are enclosing some call flow examples of SIP-H.323 interworking. Please
> give your comments on these call flows. Our stress is on the call features
> and others are just informational. We have specified few issues also
> inorder
> to make these protocols interwork.
> Kindly let us know if you agree to include the feature discussion also as
> part of the SIP - H.323 interworking. We are ready to put our efforts for
> the feature interworking.
> Best Regards
> Hemant Agarwal
> Vipin Palawat
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