[Robustness] Teleconference 9AM EST USA, March 20

Terry L Anderson tla at LUCENT.COM
Fri Mar 10 15:31:06 EST 2000

I will attend.  Did you mean to make it 2 hr earlier?  That makes it 6AM for
those on west coast.

And thanks for the gentle reminder of my not doing the task I accepted.  I got
busy but will make a real effort to get something out early next week.

Maureen Stillman wrote:

> The next teleconference will be held at 9AM EST USA on March 20.  Please
> send me e-mail to let me know if you will be able to attend.  Attached are
> the minutes from the last robustness teleconference.
> The teleconference information is:
> 1-613-688-2795
> The access code is: #4729
> ----------------------------------- mintues from Teleconference on 3/1/2000
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Minutes of H.323 Robustness Teleconference - March 1, 2000
> Prepared by Maureen Stillman, Nokia
> Next Teleconference:  March 20, 2000 9AM EST USA
> Action items from this teleconference:
>         1.      Post meeting minutes to mailing list
>         2.      Jorg Ott will provide failure scenarios for gatekeepers for
> the Robustness Framework document.
>         3.      Terry Anderson will provide H.225 and H.245 state machines
> for us to review.
>         4.      Terry Anderson will provide failure scenarios involving a GK
> which exchanges information with a clearinghouse
>         5.      Sasha Ruditsky will work on the SDL for the robustness
> procedure.
> Attending the 3/1/2000 teleconference (some names are missing from this
> list):
> Jill Caugherty jcaugher at cisco.com
> Maureen Stillman maureen.stillman at nokia.com
> Jorg Ott jo at tzi.uni-bremen.de
> Michael Fortinsky Michael_Fortinsky at vocaltec.com
> Terry Anderson of Lucent tla at bell-labs.com
> Nissani at Radvision
> Roy Radhika rrroy at att.com
> Summary of Teleconference:
> We discussed the draft of the robustness framework document.  We decided to
> give priority to three topics specifically, examining failure scenarios and
> failure detection in detail and writing the SDL for the robustness
> procedure.
>         1)      Failure detection.   Modes of operation for H.225 and H.245
> must be enumerated and potential failure states identified.  In order to
> proceed in this direction we must have detailed state information for H.225
> and H.245.  Terry Anderson of Lucent volunteered to look into this area and
> develop a draft document.
>         2)      Failure scenarios. We must investigate and describe failure
> scenarios.  The first three that we will investigate focus on the GK.  These
> scenarios are:
>         *       (Gatekeeper - endpoint): No relationship yet / anymore.
>         *       (Gatekeeper - endpoint): discovered but not registered.
>         *       (Gatekeeper - endpoint): discovered and registered.
>         Jorg Ott offered to draft these scenarios for the group.
>         Another important commercial scenario is the case in which the GK
> fails and is reporting information to a clearinghouse.  If the GK fails the
> new GK must report information correctly to the clearinghouse.  Terry
> Anderson will draft this scenario.
>         3)      SDL for robustness procedures.  It is required that we
> specify the robustness procedure using SDL.  Sasha Ruditsky of Radvision
> will be working on a draft of this specification.
>         A general comment on the robustness framework:
>         The ultimate goal should be to provide a mapping between the failure
> scenarios and the robustness procedure(s).
> -- maureen
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