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Glen Freundlich ggf at LUCENT.COM
Tue Mar 7 13:08:16 EST 2000

It should be noted that an important phase is contained in this document.
It states that SIP is "position SIP as an ideal protocol to modify and
enhance to meet the R2000 requirements."  This can be translated into "We
want our own protocol based in SIP."

It will be interest to see if the results are fully compatible with RFC 2546


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Subject: proposal for SIP as single call control protocol in 3GPP

This proposal comes from:
AT&T, BT, Japan Telecom, Lucent, Nokia, Nortel, Rogers Wireless, T-Mobil,
Telenor, Telia.
For those who are unaware, Release 2000 is conceived as THE most important
activity regarding the future of VoIP in the sense that in a few short years
wireless will become the dominant way of communication (more than wireline).
3GPP now discusses "Release 2000" which is the architecture for that future
mobile network, where everything is over IP, including the media.

This material is for discussion in Tokyo, March 6-9.

Thought you should know,

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> Dear all
> Please find attached a couple of papers for S2 next week.
> See you in Japan
> Nigel

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