H.225 Annex G

Michael Fortinsky Michael_Fortinsky at VOCALTEC.COM
Sun Mar 5 04:26:08 EST 2000

Hi Greg,

H.225.0 Annex G provides more than just address resolution. A short list of
the functionality Annex G supports includes:

- support for different interdomain architectures (e.g., hierarchical,
peer-to-peer, clearing house)
- service relationships between domain (the interdomain security mechanisms
  negotiated at the level of service relationships)
- static and dynamic provisioning of address information
- address resolution
- usage information exchange
- authorization of calls

Regarding your question about usage information, see the descriptions of
the UsageSpec (
and Pricing Information ( structures, and the UsageRequest
( and UsageIndication (
 messages (and the related confirmation and rejection messages) for more

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Greg Herlein <gherlein at HERLEIN.COM> on 03/03/2000 03:39:00 PM

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H.225 Annex G does not seem to have any meat - is it *just* a
border information exchange mechanism, or is it intended to
provide EDI the way OSP does (ie, exchanging usage information)?

>From my review, this annex looks like it does not provide any AAA
functionality between administrative domains... though it does
discuss address resolution.  I'm looking at:


Am I missing something, or is that all Annex G is supposed to do?


Greg Herlein                              gherlein at herlein.com

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