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It is perfectly possible to register a single H.323 device with multiple
functionalities.  To put this another way, EndpointType, which is an element of


Hans Viens wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a product which has a unique IP address (one node). This device has 1
> Ethernet port, 1 PSTN port and 3 phones connected on it.  I want to take
> advantage of the PSTN port and Ethernet port to make it act like a
> H.323/PSTN gateway.  Also, each phone can be use as a H.323 terminal
> endpoint.
> My problem is: how could I registered my device to a gatekeeper (knowing the
> Gateway functionnality of the device and its 3 terminal endpoints) ?  Is it
> possible to registered a device (1 IP address) which has multiple
> functionnalities (i.e. Terminal and Gateway) ?
> If anyone could help, I would appreciate it!
> Hans

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