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I don't know of any H.323 endpoint that does sound recording.  (That doesn't
mean it doesn't exist because, conceptually, that is a simple thing.)
I would suggest to use yet another machine, connect it with an audio cable
and use simple sound recorder on that machine to record the file.



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I have a small question.I am trying to implement an algorithm for
objective testing of voice quality.I need both the test and reference
files for the algorithm.My question is if we play
a pre -recorded message  between 2 H.323 end points(say
voxilla/netmeeting).Can we record the talk on the other machine.

The scenrio will be  transmitting the voice packets from one endpoint
to the other in an emulated environment.I want the other machine to
directly store the wav/au file.Is this possible....

I am asking this since i need both the audio files for objective testing.

Are there any endpoints(VOIP) which support this.May i know the
answer as soon as possible.


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