Missing FastConnectRefused flag in PROGRESS message

Karl Klaghofer Karl.Klaghofer at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Thu Mar 30 06:13:43 EST 2000

In the Geneva 2/2000 meeting, we introduced the fastConnectRefused flag into
some H.225.0v3 (Imple Guide) and v4 messages.  We forgot to put this new
field into PROGRESS as well (especially required for GWY interworking).
Otherwise, it is difficult to comply with the following statement:
        ".....fastConnectRefused - A called endpoint should return this
element in any message up to and including the Connect message when
establishing a call to indicate that it refuses the Fast Connect procedure.

Note: The original contribution D.459 from Orit proposed to add this flag to
the H323-UU-PDU structure, which would have enabled the flag for PROGRESS as
well as for any other message. I guess we changed this in order to only put
the flag to the messages where it makes sense (which should be backwards
messages) and missed the PROGRESS.

I consider this an an error and propose that the editor should add the
missing field to PROGRESS to the next updated draft of H.225.0v4 (I assume
that no APC is required for Osaka for this ?).
Is there a way to correct this also for H.323/H.225.0v3 ?

Thanks and Regards,
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