Use of IRR by Gateways

Mohamed Mustafa M.Mustafa at SDXPLC.COM
Wed Mar 29 08:18:23 EST 2000

Hi All,

H.323 requires all endpoints to transmit an IRR message in response to an
IRQ message from a Gatekeeper (or some other entity), and also to send
unsolicited IRR messages to the Gatekeeper's RAS address at specific
intervals if requested by the Gatekeeper in the ACF or RCF messages.

As I understand it, an endpoint must provide the details of all active calls
in a single IRR response if the callReferenceValue field in the IRQ is set
to 0. This is clearly not possible if the endpoint supports thousands (or
even hundreds!) of simultaneous calls. Can anyone provide any guidance on
what to do in such a situation?

Also, in the case of unsolicited IRR messages, I can't find anything which
states that an endpoint must provide details of all active calls in each
unsolicited IRR message. Therefore, an endpoint can either send a separate
IRR message for each call, or it combine details of a number of calls (but
not necessarily all) into each IRR message. Is my interpretation correct?

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