Doubt about CallLinkage structure in IRR message

Paul E. Jones paul.jones at TIES.ITU.INT
Tue Mar 21 21:22:40 EST 2000


That is definitely a typographical error-- the callLinkage field should
definitely contain the OPTIONAL modifier.  I will make a correction to this
and make mention of it at the next Question 13/16 meeting.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Best Regards,

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Subject: Doubt about CallLinkage structure in IRR message

> Hi Paul,
>   Implementers' Guide for H.225V3 ( has added
>   CallLinkage structure to perCallInfo in IRR as a mandatory IE.
>   Since the Call Linkage is an optional feature, it should be an
>   optional IE. Is this a mistake or there is a reason behind it?
>   Kindly clarify.
> thanks,
> aseem at

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