[Robustness] Teleconference 9AM EST USA, March 20

Maureen Stillman Maureen.Stillman at NOKIA.COM
Fri Mar 10 15:05:39 EST 2000

The next teleconference will be held at 9AM EST USA on March 20.  Please
send me e-mail to let me know if you will be able to attend.  Attached are
the minutes from the last robustness teleconference.

The teleconference information is:

The access code is: #4729

----------------------------------- mintues from Teleconference on 3/1/2000

Minutes of H.323 Robustness Teleconference - March 1, 2000
Prepared by Maureen Stillman, Nokia

Next Teleconference:  March 20, 2000 9AM EST USA

Action items from this teleconference:

        1.      Post meeting minutes to mailing list
        2.      Jorg Ott will provide failure scenarios for gatekeepers for
the Robustness Framework document.
        3.      Terry Anderson will provide H.225 and H.245 state machines
for us to review.
        4.      Terry Anderson will provide failure scenarios involving a GK
which exchanges information with a clearinghouse
        5.      Sasha Ruditsky will work on the SDL for the robustness

Attending the 3/1/2000 teleconference (some names are missing from this

Jill Caugherty jcaugher at cisco.com
Maureen Stillman maureen.stillman at nokia.com
Jorg Ott jo at tzi.uni-bremen.de
Michael Fortinsky Michael_Fortinsky at vocaltec.com
Terry Anderson of Lucent tla at bell-labs.com
Nissani at Radvision
Roy Radhika rrroy at att.com

Summary of Teleconference:

We discussed the draft of the robustness framework document.  We decided to
give priority to three topics specifically, examining failure scenarios and
failure detection in detail and writing the SDL for the robustness

        1)      Failure detection.   Modes of operation for H.225 and H.245
must be enumerated and potential failure states identified.  In order to
proceed in this direction we must have detailed state information for H.225
and H.245.  Terry Anderson of Lucent volunteered to look into this area and
develop a draft document.

        2)      Failure scenarios. We must investigate and describe failure
scenarios.  The first three that we will investigate focus on the GK.  These
scenarios are:
        *       (Gatekeeper - endpoint): No relationship yet / anymore.
        *       (Gatekeeper - endpoint): discovered but not registered.
        *       (Gatekeeper - endpoint): discovered and registered.
        Jorg Ott offered to draft these scenarios for the group.
        Another important commercial scenario is the case in which the GK
fails and is reporting information to a clearinghouse.  If the GK fails the
new GK must report information correctly to the clearinghouse.  Terry
Anderson will draft this scenario.

        3)      SDL for robustness procedures.  It is required that we
specify the robustness procedure using SDL.  Sasha Ruditsky of Radvision
will be working on a draft of this specification.

        A general comment on the robustness framework:

        The ultimate goal should be to provide a mapping between the failure
scenarios and the robustness procedure(s).

-- maureen

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