ATMParameters in H.245

Srini Beereddy srini at TRILLIUM.COM
Thu Mar 2 13:40:23 EST 2000


There is a editorial comment about ATM Parameters in all the versions of
H.245 (I checked in V3, V5 and V6). I guess these parameters need to be
aligned with I.371 and the never been done so far. Can anyone throw some
light on this.

-- Ed. Replace with ITU-T ATM Transfer Capability Types
ATMParameters   ::=SEQUENCE
        maxNTUSize      INTEGER(0..65535),        --units in octets
        atmUBR  BOOLEAN,                       --unspecified bit rate
        atmrtVBR        BOOLEAN,                       --real time variable
bit rate
        atmnrtVBR       BOOLEAN,                       --non real time
variable bit rate
        atmABR  BOOLEAN,                       --available bit rate
        atmCBR  BOOLEAN,                       --constant bit rate

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