Errors / ambiguities / problems found in specs at last week's int erop

Reinhard Scholl Reinhard.Scholl at ETSI.FR
Wed Mar 1 11:33:49 EST 2000

The following errors / ambiguities / problems were reported at last week's
ETSI-TIPHON/IMTC interop event at ETSI:

- Terminal capabilities for G.729 and G.729 Annex A. Though mutually
compatible, TCS often fails if vendors only specify support for one or
the other. E.g. 729 <--> 729a should work but TCS fails.

- H323: GK cannot increase TTL in RCF. Mandatory parameters of type
SEQUENCE OF ... can have empty list.

- H.225 says that call reference value should be same in ARQ and SETUP.
H.323 says that call reference value should be different in ARQ and SETUP.

- In H.323, the destination address in UUIE in SETUP is mandatory, in
H.225.0 it is not.

- H.245: if a capability being sent includes G.711 "20 msec", the other
side may think that the sender supports both "20 msec" and "10 msec"
rates. But it can be that the originator supports only 20 msec. Ambiguity.

- MCU should probably also have "prefix", not just the gateway.

- Need BE message formats so that packet dumps can be quickly interpreted.

- When using a GK, should the CRV in the admission and setup be the same?

        Reinhard Scholl

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