Voice Signal Level in H323 Terminal/Gateway

Shan Lu slu at nextone.com
Fri Jun 30 14:14:16 EDT 2000

I tried to contact you today.  If you are in next week, we had better touch
base with
the TD 50 issues.

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> From: Paul E. Jones [SMTP:paulej at PACKETIZER.COM]
> Sent: Friday, June 30, 2000 11:42 AM
> Subject:      Draft versions of H.323v4, H.225.0v4, H.323v4 Annex D, and
> the Implementers Guide ready for review
> Folks,
> At long last, Rich Bowen and I have been able to complete the initial
> editing work for the H.323v4 and H.225.0v4 documents.  I believe that most
> of the work is behind us, but I want everybody to review these documents
> before we finish the final edits and present them to the TSB.  The only
> editing work that remains (at least in H.323v4 and Annex D) are minor
> editorial issues.
> Please post comments to the ITU-T SG16 mailing list with the subject
> prefix
> "[V4]".  Also, I'd like to schedule a conference call for interested
> parties
> on Friday, July 7 at 11AM U.S. Eastern Time (GMT - 5).  If you are
> interested in going through the documents, please contact me before that
> date and we'll set up a conference bridge for the right number of people
> and
> go through an issues.
> http://www.packetizer.com/iptel/h323/drafts/h225v4h_wp_draft.zip
> http://www.packetizer.com/iptel/h323/drafts/h323v4.zip
> http://www.packetizer.com/iptel/h323/drafts/H323_annex_d.zip
> I have one open issue that I definitely want to resolve before the white
> paper is produced, although we could wait if we absolutely had to-- it is
> an
> issue that affects H.323v3, too, and is detailed at the top of the H.323v4
> document.  I consider it significant as H.323v3 and H.323v2
> interoperability
> is currently impaired.
> If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Once we get
> the
> initial review complete, we will complete the edits and send them to the
> TSB.
> I also have a complete up to date Implementers Guide for H.323v3:
> http://www.packetizer.com/iptel/h323/drafts/H.323v3_ig.zip
> Comments are certainly welcome, but it is not necessary to review that
> document immediately.
> Best Regards,
> Paul E. Jones
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