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Mike Nilsson mike.nilsson at BT.COM
Tue Jun 27 10:27:18 EDT 2000


I have attached the text that I propose adding to the H.323v4 document
relating to the H.323 URL scheme.  I think this text is weak, but I expect
contributions to be brought to define the usage of this scheme-- presently,
there really is no procedural text.

I'd like to point out that I removed the telephone number portions of the
URL, which should make both Orit and Bob happy :-)

Please review the text and the ABNF grammar for errors.  You will note one
small bit of procedural text near the end where it discusses the fact that a
Gatekeeper may modify the alias provided to the Gatekeeper.  The substance
of that existed in TD-50 (Osaka) and I thought that it was important to go
ahead and include that at the very least.

Please, give me feedback.  Mr. Bowen and I plan to post H.323v4 and
H.225.0v4 this week for review.  A formal announcement will be made later
today or tomorrow.

Best Regards,
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