TD-50/Osaka - Changes to the conferenceGoal field

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Forgot to respond to this bit...

> The problem is service that are mandatory, but have optional coding.
> L has two coding formats in order to use v2 clients.  I can seen some
> Packages services using the same technique - v4 uses Packages, v2 uses
> nonStandardControl.  I would prefer a negotiation process like that for
> negotiation - the originators asks for what is wanted, the response is
> is available.  Then the originators chooses what to do.  If this is done,
> there is no need to mess with conferenceGoals.

You would use desiredFeatures if you wanted to operate in this way.

neededFeatures is for when you absolutely must not go to CONNECT (ACTIVE)
state if features certain are not supported as this typically may imply a
billing event.  desiredFeatures means that you can work around any features
that are not supported.  Such a distinction was important in our tunnelling

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