V.18 and H.248 Annex F: Documents for Q9/16 meeting in Edinburgh

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For the record, the last URL attempt dried up because it was ahead of its
time and not seen as a priority by the group.  Without buy-in it was felt
that the definition would not be successful, so the action was taken to
defer it till a later date.  If somebody had said it was too complicated,
then that could have been discussed.  But no body did.

I know facts are boring, but that's the lot we signed up for when we went
into engineering!!!


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> Paul,
> I think that this is getting complicated.
> I did not envision the use of the H.323-URL to encompase a telephone
> I only conceede for the purpose of progress.
> I saw the H.323-URL to be an identifier that would be used to access a
> database.  The DNS portion would identify the database, the userID would
> the entry in the database.  The database would then return the necessary
> information to complete the call.  It is highly propable that this
> information would include an E.164 or PNP address.  This is especially
> when the call must be ompleted over the SCN.
> I saw telephone numbers being defined in the "Tel:" URL defined in
> This URL covers many of optional fields needed to make an SCN call which
> not presently covered in H.323.
> If we are to have multiple forms of an H.323 URL, I would prefer to have
> multi-URL IDs.
> Bob
> P.S. (By the way, the complex, cover everything, is where the last try at
> H.323 URL diaappeared.)
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