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Orit Levin orit at radvision.com
Wed Jun 14 11:45:01 EDT 2000

Hello Bob and Paul!
I don't see backwards compatibility problem, when the URL says explicitly
H323-URL. An appropriate change may be to state, that the default meaning of
url, encoded into email-ID alias, is according to RFC-822.
Now, I feel a need to put a chapter explaining what is the meaning of email
URL (apart from its syntax) when used in H.323 Network. There is some
explanation in H.225.0 Appendix IV. Do you find it clear and sufficient?
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>I have a backward compatibility item for you to think about.
>TD-40/Osaka states that the H323-URL may be coded into the email-ID for
>alias address.  However, H.225.0 states that the email-ID shall conform to
>RFC822.  This is an exclusionary requirement in that other standards may
>be used.  Also, Note 4 of the BNF definition of the H323-URL clearly states
>that that the H323-URL is *not* compatible with RFC822.
>Therefor, I propose that the H323-URL cannot be coded into the email-ID for
>alias address because of compatibility problems.
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