AW: Use of two Calling Party Number IEs

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Tue Jun 13 13:22:02 EDT 2000

The requirement of TD-9 from Mr. Blin in Osaka was the support of two
calling party numbers in H.323 (and NOT two Calling Party Number Information
Elements) !

There was no agreement to intruduce a second Calling Party Number IE in
H.225.0 (of course it is allowed due to the general H.323 statement that a
GWY may pass on any Q.931 Information elements towards the LAN).

The agreement was that such a requirement of TD-9 from Osaka is already
covered by H.323 anyway, since there are at least two fields already
available (Calling Party Number IE and SourceAddress) to which e.g. two
Calling Party Number IEs from the SCN could be mapped to or which may be
used by an originating H.323 endpoint if there is the need to signal
different calling party numbers.

The agreement was that the editor would add add some clarifying text (e.g. a
sentence basically telling that Calling Party Number IE and SourceAddress
may be used in the same SETUP message to carry different calling party
numbers, if required).


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> Mr. Blin,
> In Osaka, it was agreed as you proposed in TD-09 to add clarifying text
> to H.225.0 regarding the use of two calling party number IEs.  Would the
> following clarification address this concern?
> A note would be added to the Setup message IE table concerning use of
> the Calling Party Number IE that would state:
>    Multiple Calling Party Number IEs may be present in order to
>    support, for example, the "Two Calling party number information
>    elements delivery option" defined in Annex A/Q.951 or the
>    interworking of H.323 and ISUP supplementary services as described
>    in Annex C/H.246.
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