H.245 Terminates Fast Connect

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Tue Jun 13 06:17:24 EDT 2000


As many of you know, there were a number of errors found in the H.225.0v3
ASN.1.  Attached to this e-mail, please find a Microsoft Word file that
contains revision marks for the ASN.1 portion of the Decided H.225.0v3

I have prepared an ASN.1 file that *should* contain the complete and
up-to-date H.225.0v3 ASN.1.  You can find it here:

*Please* if you find any errors in these ASN.1 files, let me know *now*.
There are a number of Implementers who are planning to bring their V3
products to the SuperOp next month.  More importantly, H.323v3 has been in a
decided state for quite some time now and folks need to be aware of these
errors, because products are shipping!

These errors represent every known error that needs to be applied to the
H.225.0v3 ASN.1.  If any errors are found in the future, we will likely not
fix them unless backward compatibility is completely broken.  As you all
know, making changes to the ASN.1 once a product is in the customer's hands
is not the best way to go about pleasing a customer :-)

Best Regards,
Paul E. Jones
Editor, H.323 and the H.323-series Implementers Guide
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