Issue with APC-1804

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Mon Jun 12 02:52:50 EDT 2000

Mr. Blin,

In Osaka, it was agreed as you proposed in TD-09 to add clarifying text
to H.225.0 regarding the use of two calling party number IEs.  Would the
following clarification address this concern?

A note would be added to the Setup message IE table concerning use of
the Calling Party Number IE that would state:

   Multiple Calling Party Number IEs may be present in order to
   support, for example, the "Two Calling party number information
   elements delivery option" defined in Annex A/Q.951 or the
   interworking of H.323 and ISUP supplementary services as described
   in Annex C/H.246.

Richard K. Bowen                       Cisco Systems, Inc.
rkbowen at                      Research Triangle Park, NC

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