H.225.0 v4 inconsistencies/errors found

Callaghan, Robert Robert.Callaghan at ICN.SIEMENS.COM
Thu Jun 8 16:17:49 EDT 2000


>IMO, we should keep it simple, one indicator applies to all aliases.
>E.g., in example 2, if one verification fails, they all are considered
>to have failed.  Is it really valuable to be able to independently
>indicate the status of multiple aliases?
>The alternative would be to have a list of presentation and screening
>indicators.  I think it's too late to add this to v3, and would be
>complicated to add to v4 since it would be a separate field.  (It's bad
>enough that we have both an indicator field and an IE in some messages!)

The problem comes from the situation that Mr. Blin has been trying to solve
where where are two numbers - one is user provided (screen or not screened)
and the other is Service Provider provided.  How does one indicate which is
which and the relative reliability of each.

There may not be an immedite solution; but a solution is needed.


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