Changes to H.323v3 ASN.1

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Wed Jun 7 04:07:14 EDT 2000


A few days ago, I posted a notice that the ASN.1 in H.323v3 was changing.
(See the e-mail dated June 2 to this list by me.)

This change relates to fields "supportsAnnexECallSignaling" and

I received one e-mail expressing concern, but the company is investigating
whether they will have an impact.  If I have not heard any concerns
expressed by the end of this week, I will assume that the agreed change does
not effect any current implementations in production and that this change
will be put forward for acceptance by the ITU.

It is absolutely critical that we have agreement on this issue now, rather
than later, so that we can prevent interoperability problems as people roll
out H.323v3 products later this year.

Best Regards,
Paul E. Jones
Editor, H.323

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