On TD26 - Fast TCS and M/S negotiation in H.323v4

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I was afraid that this might happen.

The changes under discussion were agreed to in Osaka, with the participants
understanding the risks.  To not include it in v4 would be a substantive
change from the agreed content which I challenge as being beyond the
discression of the editor to make editorial changes.

There is a real problem in that keypad information must be sent before the
connect message.  This is needed to support network services in the U.S.
Because the H.245 rules require the exchange of TSC and master-slave before
any other messages may be sent, there is a significate delay after fast
connect before keypad digits may be sent.  In Osaka, several proposal were
submitted to solve this and other needed negotiation problems.  The agreed
solution was the proposal for which you have reservations.  This is needed
in the real world.

PLEASE! find a solutions that will not remove these changes!


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We agreed at the Osaka meeting to allow a SETUP to contain both the
fastStart and h245Control, but it has not been officially approved by the

As it stands right now, I don't think I can agree to include it in H.323v4
on the grounds that it breaks backward compatibility with V2-- I just don't
see a clean solution here.

I'm opening to hearing more suggestions, but as you pointed out, there are
two issues:
  1) H.323v2 states explicitly that it is illegal
  2) There is no way to know what version to destination EP is before
     sending this illegal message


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> Pete,
> Table 13/H.225.0v3 shows that the User-to-User IE is mandatory. What IEs
> you believe are not mandatory?
> H.323 states that the fastStart and h245Control components cannot both be
> present in the Setup message (do I need to quote it again?). A Setup
> User-to-User IE containing either or neither component is valid; one
> containing both is clearly invalid. Why do you think otherwise?
> H.323, by way of Q.931, requires that the called EP respond with
> ReleaseComplete with cause 100. There is no other appropriate cause.
> The feature that should be deprecated is the inclusion of both fastStart
> h245Control in Setup. I was under the impression that either through IGv3
> H.323v4 this had already made it into the standard. If its not too late,
> should simply remove this feature from any proposed text; if it is too
> we should deprecate it because it causes insurmountable backward
> compatibility problems.
> Paul
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> Paul,
> I don't really believe that the release cause you cite is valid.  The
> IEs
> are not mandatory, and (taken by themselves) they don't have invalid
> content.  I don't believe it is the intent of this cause code to signal
> the
> sort of thing that we are talking about here either.
> Are there any other causes and clauses that you think might be more
> appropriate?
> Also, when you say "the feature" should be deprecated, what are you
> referring to as "the feature"?  I'm not quite clear.
> Pete.
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