On TD26 - Fast TCS and M/S negotiation in H.323v4

Paul Long Plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Fri Jun 2 22:11:33 EDT 2000


While not ideal (nothing is), that's a safe, workable solution. I like it.
Are you proposing adding the new component to the H323-UU-PDU or the
Setup-UUIE type? Both locations have their merits. This then should be the
new text for section 8.2.1/H.323: "The calling endpoint shall not include
both a fastStart element and encapsulated H.245 messages in h245Control in
the same Setup message. However, the calling endpoint may include both a
fastStart element and encapsulated H.245 messages in earlyH245Control in the
same Setup message." And then explain what the called endpoint is supposed
to do when fastStart and earlyH245Control are present. While we're at it,
maybe we should define a separate type, i.e.,

                                                -- each octet string may contain exactly
                                                -- one H.245 PDU

But now how do the two components, h245Control and earlyH245Control
otherwise relate to each other, i.e., when fastStart is not included? Should
we say that if one is present the other shall not be present? That would be
the clearest, IMO. Not much is gained by allowing both.

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I agree that the behavior is desirable, but I still argue that it will
break backward compatibility.  If we can agree with a new field
"earlyH245" as a special field for SETUP to do essentially the same
thing, but only for V4, I would be quite happy-- we get the same end
result without V3 and V2 compatibility issues.

I do not want to wait until Portland.  The Whitepaper drafts are due
before then and I hope that that meeting will be focused on only
critical issues in H.323 and that most of our time will be spent on
further development of Annexes and perhaps forward thinking on V5 :-)


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