On TD26 - Fast TCS and M/S negotiation in H.323v4

Paul Long Plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Thu Jun 1 14:52:20 EDT 2000


There is no way to know how many implementations will break. The only
question that can be answered is, Does anyone _know of_ an implementation
that will break? and, IMO, this is not good enough. As I said, some vendors
will not get asked the question due to being away from the office, etc.,
some will not respond for whatever reason, e.g., they don't know the answer,
and some will be out of the loop--it is well advised but definitely not a
requirement for a vendor to monitor this email reflector in order to build a
compliant H.323 entity. Surely there is another way to solve whatever
problem we're trying to solve without knowingly creating or at least risking
interoperability problems. BTW, would someone please tell me what we are
trying to fix?


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Paul, list,

I have some relevant questions:

Is there today an implementation of the H.323 v2 which will break if it
both tunneled H.245 message and fast start element in the SETUP? Does
plan to produce purposefully such an implementation? Does anyone checks
specifically for this combination in order to ignore such SETUP message?
I would
assume most of the implementations will pick one or another (I think
fast start
has an advantage here), and some of them will be happy with both. I
think this
"full SETUP" has the big advantage and we should go ahead with this.


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