On TD26 - Fast TCS and M/S negotiation in H.323v4

Paul Long Plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Thu Jun 1 10:32:26 EDT 2000


The UUIE _is_ a Q.931 IE, does not exclude this IE, and
neither H.225.0 or H.323 address the issue of how to handle a UUIE--or any
other IE, for that matter--with invalid content, therefore the behavior
defined in Q.931 is normative for H.323.

_All_ of Q.931 is an "ISDN thing," so what's your point?

Finally, there is much in Q.931 that H.323 does not reference, but that does
not invalidate the parts of Q.931 that H.323 references.

Paul Long
Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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Subject: Re: On TD26 - Fast TCS and M/S negotiation in H.323v4

> When a SETUP or RELEASE message is received
> which has one or
> more mandatory information elements with invalid content, a
> message with cause No. 100, “invalid information element
> contents” shall be
> returned."

My understanding of this statement is that it is meant to cover
Q.931 elemements themselves, NOT UUIE content. As far as Q.931 is
concerned, the User-user information element can be coded in
whatever way we want. It is an ISDN thing that was carried over
in H.225.0.

So, my take is that this section is completely irrelevant to the
H.245 tunnelling (or in fact H.245 in general). Also, it talks about
a message (RELEASE) that is not even supported in H.225.0.

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