Question on H.225- Annex G

Archana Nehru archie at TRILLIUM.COM
Tue Jun 6 17:24:02 EDT 2000

hi all,

I have a question about prefixing TPKT header to Annex-G messages sent over
UDP. Refer to section 1.8 of the Annex G specs which states:

" In UDP IP implementations, messages shall also be prefixed with TPKT
headers, to enable multiple messages per packet. The UDP packet length field
shall hold the total length of the payload, including all the messages and
their TPKT headers."

My interpretation of the above paragraph is the following:
1. ALL Annex-G messages (going over UDP) MUST be prefixed with
   TPKT headers.

2. One UDP packet can contain multiple Annex-G messages and each one of
these messages will have its OWN SEPARATE TPKT HEADER.

Is this interpretation correct?

I appreciate any help on this.


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