H.225 white draft

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The reason for the difference is that originally, neededFeature was in the
cofferenceGoal as I felt that would have more of a chance of achieve the
right result in a backwards compatible manner.  Hence it was split from the
other items.

Concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of having the field in
conferenceGoal, and hence the editors with a few supporters moved the
neededFeatures next to desiredFeatures.

However, my feeling is that this is even less satisfactory than where it was
originally (i.e. guarenteed to not achieve the desired effect every time).
Therefore, at the moment I intend to recommend removing neededFeatures from
SETUP all together.

Therefore, at this stage it is probably best not to include a FeatureSet in
SETUP.  However, depending on the decisions taken in Geneva, (i.e. if
neededFeatures remains where it is in the white paper) then changing to
FeatureSet would be more appropriate (it provides consistent parsing and a
whole bunch of other benefits etc.)

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> I am looking over the "GenericData" related fields in the ASN.1 and saw
> one asymmetry.  Several commands (e.g., Alerting, ARQ, etc) contain
>     featureSet    FeatureSet OPTIONAL
> while Setup contains
>     neededFeatures    SEQUENCE OF FeatureDescriptor OPTIONAL,
>     desiredFeatures    SEQUENCE OF FeatureDescriptor OPTIONAL,
>     supportededFeatures    SEQUENCE OF FeatureDescriptor OPTIONAL,
> which with the exception of the replacementFeatureSet BOOLEAN is exactly
> the contents of FeatureSet.  Is there a reason for having these
> separately in Setup rather than having featureSet in Setup?
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