Request for APC Numbers for Portland

Mon Jul 24 23:22:26 EDT 2000

hi everyone,

I  need a clarification on the following issue for H.225 -Annex G used for
communication between two border elements(BE). I would appreciate any help
on this.

1. In the current Annex G specfications, border elements exchange
"usageIndication" messages with each other to inform each about "call
usages" etc for billing purposes. The
usage Indication message is sent according to a information element called
"usageSpecifcation". This element is exchanged in messages like

The ASN syntax defined for this "usageSpecification" is:

UsageSpecification::= sequence
sendTo     ElementIdentifier

The "sendTo" field is supposed to identify the destination "border element"
to which the  "usage indication" messages for a call must be sent. The issue
here is that "elementidentifier" is not defined as a "unique string", so the
"sendTo" field by itself cannot identify the destination BE of the
"usageIndication" message uniquely?

In other words, to send a usage indication message, a BE needs to know the
logical address of the "destination" BE. This logical address could then be
resolved to a transport address which in turn is used to send
"usageIndication" messages.

So dont we need to add suitable fields to the "usageSpecification" field  to
identify the recipient of the "usageindication" message uniquely? If yes,
then we should add a "domainId"(this defines the domain within which the BE
resides) and also a "logical address" to the "usageSpecification" element.

Do we agree that this is required?


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