H.225-Annex G clarification

Archana Nehru archie at TRILLIUM.COM
Mon Jul 24 19:30:51 EDT 2000


Just one comment -

Terry L Anderson wrote:
> I checked our changes in the white draft of H.225.0v4 and removed all
> our ASN.1 that has already been incorporated.  I now show only changes
> that are still needed.  I have not yet done the similar check with
> H.323v4.

I think we should consider whether to keep these fields in H.225.0 v4
since Annex R is not yet determined.  We might want to keep the door
open for further refinement of these fields before Annex R is
decided.  Maybe we should add these in H.225.0 v5, or we could add
them between H.323 versions via the new genericData fields.


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