[H.323 Mobility:] Update to Service Definitions for Annex H

Roelands Marc Marc.Roelands at SIEMENS.ATEA.BE
Thu Jul 20 13:02:05 EDT 2000


The bi-directional TCP support was added during the last Geneva meeting.  No
issues were raised in Osaka.  If there are issues with it, hopefully people
will find them before November!

We could specify that H.323 use H.245v7-- I do not see any reason why we
should not consider that option.  The only reason that I did not increase
the revision number is that Annex D may be implemented optionally.  If
somebody chooses to implement H.323v4 without Annex D support, there is
nothing they would need from H.245v7.

I have no problem with mandating v7 for H.323v4. It is a small editorial
change: a "7" instead of a "6" ;^)

However, it really makes no difference at all to me.  I'll be agreeable with
whatever the experts believes makes the most sense.

Me too.
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