H.323v4 and Annex D

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One more try, since it seems that my previous mail I sent out yesterday did
not arrive.
Karl Klaghofer

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> Von:  Klaghofer Karl  ICN EN HC SE 81
> Gesendet am:  Tuesday, July 18, 2000 12:02
> An:   'ITU-SG16 at mailbag.cps.intel.com'
> Betreff:      Comments on H.225.0 v4 Whitedraft (sourceAddress)
> Rich and others,
> H.225.0v4 White draft, section 7.3.10 Setup reads:
> "...
> sourceAddress - Contains the alias addresses for the source; the dialed
> digit string of the source is in the Q.931 Calling Party Number IE. The
> primary address shall be first.
> ..."
> "...
> sourceAddress - Contains the alias addresses of the source. Note that the
> E.164 Number of the source is contained within Calling Party Number
> Information Element. The primary address shall be first.
> ..."
> Background:
> As part of the global v4 change to replace the term "e164" by the term
> "dialedDigits" in the whole H.225.0 document, the sentense in current v4
> Whitedraft does not make sense anymore and should be corrected in v4 in
> Portland. I think what we wanted to say is that the E.164 number is
> contained within the Calling Party Number IE and not the dialed digit
> string ! Dialed digit string (unstructured number which maybe may include
> prefixes, etc would be put into sourceAddress.dialedDigits).
> Note: There might be further sections where the simple replacement of the
> term e164 by term dialed digits may have caused vagueness, since term e164
> in v2 was actually used for both - real E.164 but also unstructured digit
> strings.
> Regards,
> Karl Klaghofer
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