Updated H.246 Annex E.1 document uploaded into Incoming dir of AVC-SITE on Pictel

Sun Jul 16 11:02:10 EDT 2000

No one responded that they planned to join the teleconf today and indeed
no one but me dialed in.  I hope that this is due to the extremely short
notice for the call rather than a loss of interest by those that have
been participating.

We will have another call next week and the following weeks on Thursdays
at 11:00 EDT (15:00 UT)

Thursday: July 20, July 27, Aug 3
11:00 EDT (15:00 UT) for 2 hr
Phone: 1 888 559 7255 (calling from US)
Phone: 1 908 860 0000 (calling from outside US)
code: 531480

I would appreciate email directly to me mailto:tla at lucent.com (lets
don't bother the reflector with this) if you plan to dial in so that I
can adjust the number of ports if necessary.

The current very rough draft of our annex is in the
avc-site/Incoming/Robustness-AHG directory as:


I will try to have an improved version on the site before the next call
so look for AnnexRdraft#### representing a later date.

If anyone has material for discussion at future calls, please post by
ftp to the Robustness-AHG directory and send mail to the SG16 reflector
with '[Robustness]' in the subject line.

Terry L Anderson              mailto:tla at lucent.com
Tel:908.582.7013   Fax:908.582.6729
Pager:800.759.8352 pin 1704572   1704572 at skytel.com
Lucent Technologies/ Voice Over IP Access Networks/ Applications Grp
Rm 2B-121, 600 Mountain Av, Murray Hill, NJ 07974
http://its.lucent.com/~tla (Lucent internal) http://www.gti.net/tla

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