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Sun Jul 9 10:39:30 EDT 2000

FW: [IPTEL] CPL: H.323 issuesFrancois,

Thanks for alerting us to this.  I responded to his questions over on IPTEL list.

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  For those interested. 

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  The primary area still missing in the CPL spec is H.323 work.  I'm 
  unfortunately not very knowlegeable about this, so if some H.323 experts 
  could assist with this it would be very helpful. 

  Here are the general issues that I feel need to be addressed: 

  1.  I understand that work is in progress to define an H.323 url as an annex 
  of the H.323 specification.  What is the status of this?  Are copies of 
  available?  Will these URLs be appropriate to use in CPL <location> and 
  <address-switch> tags? 

  2.  Is the unpacking of H.323 addresses as specified for CPL's 
  <address-switch> address subfield matching correct, and complete for at 
  least a useful subset of H.323 addresses? 

  3.  What free-form strings does H.323 signalling carry that a CPL should be 
  able to match?  I understand H.225 has a "data" string, but it's not clear 
  to me what it's for. 

  4.  Is there some H.323 counterpart to SIP caller preferences and callee 
  capabilities that should either be used or mapped into CPL, for <lookup> and 

  Since Our Esteemed Working Group Chair has expressed a strong interest in 
  moving CPL along to Proposed Standard soon, these points *need* to be 
  addressed.  If no one else comments on them, I'll have to guess based on my 
  own (very limited) understanding of H.323, which will probably mean a much 
  weaker CPL specification all around. 

  Jonathan Lennox 
  lennox at cs.columbia.edu 

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