Deficiency in Annex M, specifically M.2?

Daniel Eskenazi deskenaz at CISCO.COM
Fri Jul 7 13:04:53 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I have uploaded the new H.323 Annex H Draft to URL: .

Most changes to the previous version are in chapter 7 (H.323 Mobility
Functional Requirements), most parts of which have been rewritten.

Some changes have been introduced also to section 10.5.1 concerning the
contents of the authentication messages towards the AuF. Mr. Kumaar has
pointed out that authentication values are (normally) calculated over the
whole GRQ message and thus it is necessary to send the whole GRQ message to
the AuF. I have not found anything that would disprove this point and thus I
assume that this is the way we must specify the authentication procedure.
I'm also quite aware that the effects of the inclusion of the GRQ message
have probably not been throughly added to the section, but I wanted to get
this version out before weekend and still have a mention of the issue in the
draft. I would like to hear (or read) any comments that the experts have
regarding this section as I'm not a very good expert on H.235.

Furthermore, I'll try to work out the next version of the annex as soon as
possible and I'm hoping to add quite much stuff on the information flow and
message content definitions. I would also like to see contributions
especially on these areas.

I hope that not all of you are spending your holidays and I actually get
some comments ;-).

Anyway, have a nice weekend, everyone!

Jaakko Sundquist           *
+358 50 3598281            * Audere est Facere!
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