[V4] H.323 URL

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Thu Jul 6 00:35:53 EDT 2000


> 2) TD-40a defines user without "1*" on purpose, keeping the possibility to
> have an empty user defintion. In this way both user and host are
> but you can exactly parse and understand their meaning. This may be useful
> in Discovery Procedures (as mentioned in TD-40a).

I changed the syntax as follows:
    H323-URL   =    "H323:" [ user ] [ "@" hostport ]
and I changed the text below to read
``As indicated in the syntax, the user string and the hostport string are
both optional, though at least one shall be present.''

How is that?

> 3) Use of DNS technology is the main reason...  It is not  the only one...
> Agreed, of cause. Still, a short "motivation" phrase to be included into
> H.323v4 is desired. (I also agree that Annex O should describe the
> recommended procedures :-)

Motivation without procedure is not very helpful.  We must have a
contribution that clearly defines the procedure.

> 4) "Note 4" says "The H323-URL is defined to use a form without brackets".

Perhaps I am missing something here.  Specifically what needs to be
corrected?  Currently, the syntax does not use brackets for IPv4 addresses.

> 6) In regards to "escaped". I had the same dilemma while writing the
> original APC-1775. "One of the RFCs " summarizes the explanations already
> existing in referenced by us general RFCs. So, I think, we don't need a
> summary here.

Do you recall which RFC and section discusses the "escaped" production?


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