Reference which version of Q.931, etc.?

Rich Bowen rkbowen at CISCO.COM
Wed Jul 5 23:07:19 EDT 2000

Hi Bob,

I just want to remind everyone that we agreed in Osaka not to update the
Q.931 cross-references, but instead to revert the parent reference to
Q.931 (1993) so we (I) wouldn't have to update and verify all of the
table references, etc.

However, when I was about to make that change, I noticed that there were
references to 1998 versions of other standards (Q.932, Q.850) also, and
I was concerned that these other standards might reference the 1998
version of Q.931, so we would have a synchronization problem of another
kind.  That's why I didn't make the change, and noted this as an open

I also have some concern about referencing a standard that is no longer

My preference would be to leave the parent reference as Q.931 (1998) and
update the semi-infinite number of cross-references.

I agree the inconsistency has to be corrected.  BTW, this also existed
in v2.

- Rich

"Callaghan, Robert" wrote:
> On of the open issues is the correct version of Q.931 should be referenced
> in H.225.0 and H.323.  When v3 was decided, they was updated to reference
> Q.931(1998) instead of Q.931(1993).  This is a discussion of the impact of
> this change and how to resolve the problems.
> - H.225.0 and Q.931 include a semi-infinite number of references to table,
> figures and sections of Q.931.  V3 still references the 1993 items even
> though the parent reference is 1998.  It is possible to update all the
> detailed references or to return the parent reference to 1993.  Either way
> they must be consistent.
> - Q.931(1998) introduced a number of changes from the 1993 version.  If we
> update v4 to consistently reference 1998, do we want to automatically
> include all the changes in Q.931?
> - If we do accept, by default, the changes to Q.931, do any of these changes
> conflict with the ASN.1 coding that we use?  If so, how is this resolved?
> However this problem is resolved, it must be consistent within H.323v4 and
> H.225.0v4.
> Bob
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