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> Rich/Paul,
> I have the following comments on H.225v4 and H.323v4.
> H.225 /p168: neededfeatures has been moved from conferenceGoal to elsewhere
> in the Setup message.
> I understand from Pete that inclusion of neededFeatures in the
> conferenceGoal has caused problems for Cisco gateways.  Moving
> neededFeatures out of the conferenceGoal however, means that feature
> negotiation can never be used with versions other than H.323v4. If we are
> not going to use the conference Goal, (and the use of conferenceGoal is our
> preferred option!), It would be better to leave out the term neededFeatures
> altogether and use desiredFeatures.

This topic was discussed on the list a couple of weeks ago.  To
summarize, adding the field to the conferenceGoal was controversial.
(It is not correct that this would be a problem for Cisco gateways.)
Adding it to the Setup-UUIE is a possible alternative that had fewer
objections, so I left it there as a placeholder with the understanding
that if the issue is not resolved by November, it can be removed at that
time.  I personally don't have a strong opinion about the placement or
presence of this field.

> H.323 /p75: The change of name from 'package' to 'parameter' is
> inappropriate.
> If the name has to be changed from 'package', it should be changed to
> genericFeature.
> H.225 /ANNEX H: There should be a global change of terminology from
> genericParameter to generic Feature.

I agree with Paul's comment, that the term "feature" encompasses more
than the intended purpose of this field.  There were two objectives
stated in TD-50/Osaka: tunneling opaque data and negotiating features.
The field in question achieves the tunneling of opaque data.  Any name
that reflects that purpose would be fine with me.

- Rich

> Regards,
> Morgan Potter
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