Comments on H.225v4 and H.323v4

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Tue Jul 4 14:22:33 EDT 2000


> H.323 /p75: The change of name from 'package' to 'parameter' is
> inappropriate.
> If the name has to be changed from 'package', it should be changed to
> genericFeature.

I proposed this change, because the word "package" conflicted with H.248
"packages" and I thought that it was too confusing.  GenericParameter seemed
like a reasonable  name.  I don't like the idea of calling it a "generic
feature", because the structures in themselves are not "features".  One uses
the "generic parameter" structures in order to implement "features".

How about "generic fields" or "generic elements"?  I still prefer "generic
parameter" over those.


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