several gatekeepers

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I was just kidding... Let me elaborate

Both endpoints could be registered to different gatekeepers (different
zones)each using the GRC model.  Note that either gatekeeper could choose to
use the DRC model.  In this case, the gatekeeper using the DRC model would
not be involved in the call signaling (Q.931 of H.225) and call control
signaling (H.245) but would be receiving/sending service control signaling

In the DRC case it is a little difficult to provide some supplementary
services independant of H.450.X.

In the case of call transfer, the called party transfers the call to another
endpoint sitting behind a GRC gatekeeper.

In short, your assumption is correct.


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Subject: several gatekeepers

Hello H.323-Experts,

in connection with H.323 based IP-telephony in a PISN environment we
came across the question
whether it is permitted to have more than two Gatekeepers involved in a
point to point H.323 connection.
Is this in line with H.323 conventions?

>From my point of view this situation also occurs in case of a call
transfer, if the endpoints are
located in different zones and the gatekeeper routed model is used.
Is this correct?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer.

Wolfgang Bandow CT-B / Berlin

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